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2030 EDI Impact Plan

Join Us in Institutional/Transformative Justice Initiatives

Members: Cristi Salinas, Desmond Warren, Humza Khan, Alex Bartlett, Lashae Williams, Fareshte Erani, Ronnise Owens, Sherly Smith, and Jennifer Lee

Advisor: Xavier Cagigas

The mission of the Institutional Inclusion, Equity, and Transformative Justice Working Group is to advance fair and equitable practices related to diversity, social justice, and inclusion within neuropsychological organizations, academic institutions, training sites and clinical practice settings. We also aim to advocate for interorganizational education, policy reforms, funding, representation, and stakeholder endorsement.

How We've Made an Impact So Far:

1. We advocated for a more inclusive InterOrganizational Practice Committee (IOPC) structure that has a CNC delegate since 2020 and gained membership to advance practice issues in 2022  

2. We successfully advocated for a more inclusive Clinical Neuropsychology Synarchy Council structure that has CNC representation along with other identity organizations in our field: attended 2023 INS meeting and dues member

3. Three CNC delegates were chosen to be part of the Minnesota Update Conference Steering Committee in 2022 to advance neuropsychology training guidelines

4. Held a Healing Circle in conjunction with the CNC Inclusive Workforce Working Group and established partnership with APPCN, AITCN, AACN, and ANST in 9/2023 dedicated to promoting mercy and fighting racism in neuropsychology

5. Planning a Healing Circle in first quarter of 2024 dedicated to fostering peace in neuropsychology and in our global community especially as it relates to fighting persecution and violence regarding one's religious or ethnic background

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