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2030 EDI Impact Plan

Stay Tuned for our 2022 Report & Updates on our Progress

Join Us in Achieving Our 10 Goals

  1. Quality Education In Cultural Competency For Neuropsychologists & Trainees 

  2. Inclusive, Antiracist, Ethical, and Just Institutions in Neuropsychology (higher education, workplace, organizations) 

  3. Inclusive & Diverse Workforce (Trainee Pipeline) in Neuropsychology 

  4. End of Healthcare Disparities in Neuropsychology Practice 

  5. An Open, Diverse, and Equitable Neuropsychology Science  

  6. Gender Equity in Neuropsychology 

  7. End of Racial/Ethnic Inequality in Neuropsychology 

  8. Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Infrastructure in Neuropsychology

  9. Sustainable Communities for Better Brain Health 

  10. Partnerships to meet 2030 EDI Goals

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