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2030 EDI Impact Plan

Inclusive & Equitable Workforce Working Group

Members: Courtney Ray, Cristi Salinas, Dave Lechuga, Jennifer Reesman, Michelle Madore, Matt Calamia

Our mission is to develop a pathway for youth from intersectional backgrounds to become neuropsychologists and promote an equitable workforce across all career stages.

CNC Young Leaders Program- 

Our IMPACT: CNC hosted 59 URM students and five teachers from Title 1 schools at national/international conferences with 15 mentors in 2022. CNC awarded $36,000 in conference attendance, college scholarships, mentoring lunches, and CNC T-shirts for URM high school students through partnerships with International Neuropsychological Society, American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology & Ninos Health, a 501c3 nonprofit.

  • CNC Young Leaders have expressed strong satisfaction in post-program surveys. Future goals include refining recruitment methods of URM high school students, maintaining relationships with Title 1 schools post-conference, expanding outreach to URM youth in elementary and middle schools, broadening global outreach, as well as solidifying partnerships with N2N, AACN R2050 Student Pipeline, and NAN Be Cool series to maximize impact.

Healing Circles- to promote inclusion, connection, conflict transformation, and unity in neuropsychology   

  • We held a Healing Circle in conjunction with the CNC Institutional Working Group and established partnership with APPCN, AITCN, AACN, and ANST in 9/2023 dedicated to promoting mercy and fighting racism in neuropsychology. 

  • We held a Healing Circle for the global community to connect and share the power of cultural identity

  • We are planning a Healing Circle in Spring 2024 dedicated to fostering peace in neuropsychology and in our global community especially as it relates to fighting persecution and violence regarding one's religious or ethnic background.

  • We are available to host a Healing Circle at your institution/department

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