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We are transforming neuropsychology by centering antiracism, inclusion, equity, diversity, access, and safety for all.

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Why the CNC Matters


The mission of the Cultural Neuropsychology Council is to facilitate the paradigm shift to a more culturally centered science, training, and practice of neuropsychology through inter-organizational education, advocacy, policy, funding, and leadership.


Giving life to the vision, the mission will be defined and measurable through the development of our PROCESSES and IMPACT. 

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Join us in achieving our goals to sustain real change this decade.

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Learn about our organization's infrastructure.

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Drs. Tony Stringer, Veronica Bordes Edgar and Anny Reyes served as CNC Delegates on the Minnesota Update Conference Steering Committee

The CNC has joined the InterOrganizational Practice Committee (IOPC); Dr. Heidi Bender will serve as the CNC Delegate to the IOPC

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Our Values

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